Our Mission:

Sunshine House Inc. is a diverse community service organization whose purpose is to achieve full participation in society for all people with special needs.

Our Vision:

The Door County community, embracing all of its residents with all of their diverse talents.

Statement of Beliefs:

Sunshine House Inc. has committed itself to abide by principles and ethics as stated below. We subscribe to these statements in order to assure the highest standards in providing quality services to the people and the community we serve.

  1. We believe in meeting or exceeding the expectations of the people we serve through their input.
  2. We believe in the dignity, the self-worth, the basic human rights of every individual, the right to make choices for themselves and the liberty to avail themselves of all opportunities. Our values and practices of Sunshine House Inc. shall assure that all people interacting with Sunshine House Inc. are treated with respect and integrity.
  3. We believe that every person is worthy of treatment with respect and consideration of optimal health and safety.
  4. We believe that the values and practices of Sunshine House Inc. accurately reflect the values of the community we serve.
  5. We believe that our professional practices meet or exceed the professions we represent.
  6. We believe that our business practices meet the highest standards of ethics.
  7. We believe that our collaboration with the community maximizes community resources, eliminates duplication of effort, and adds value to this community.
  8. We believe that our financial stewardship maximizes our economic contribution to this community.
  9. We believe in meeting all legal requirements for carrying out the mission of Sunshine House Inc.
  10. We believe that education of the community, advocacy for people with special needs, and collaboration with the community contributes to a continuous improvement of the quality of life for all.
  11. We believe in utilizing the benefits that state-of-the art technology offers in supporting the quality of life for all.